Scout Automated - Find security holes at a low monthly cost

Scout Automated is an automated subscription service that analyzes your site, finds security vulnerabilities, and sends you a report with details on those vulnerabilities.


  • Externally hosted - you don't need to purchase any new servers
  • Fully automated - analyzes your code and database and creates a site specific report
  • Robust - built on a combined 6 years of experience with Drupal security
  • Low cost - easy to add to your budget considering the alternatives
  • 1 out of every 250 sites will be manually reviewed for Quality Assurance


The service runs on our servers. We require you to create a backup of your site using Backup and Migrate, or drush with the "archive-dump" command and then send that to us. We make basic efforts to ensure your site data is safe but do not guarantee the safety of your site data. Therefore it's your responsibility to sanitize the sql and settings.php files prior to sending them to us.

See below for how partners can help you to get Scout Automated running on your site without having to mess with a backup.

Partnership opportunities

We are looking for partners. If you host a large number of Drupal sites, provide consulting to a lot of sites, have access to backups of a lot of sites (e.g. NodeSquirrel) or for some reason have code and database dumps for a lot of sites...we're interested in partnering with you. We are especially interested in companies that want to resell the Scout Automated service to your clients (i.e. you've got their code, database, and the ability to charge them money for a la carte services). We are looking for solutions to run our services on partner servers hardware to eliminate the need to copy site backup files around the internet.